Spicy Roasted Wings and Succotash GF

Product Description


Succotash is a dish of beans, corn and spring onions. Yummy is the word when it is paired with baked-to-perfection golden brown chicken wings and hum with mild, house made chicken seasoning. The chicken inside stays tender while the skin maintains a signature crunch. It is sure to make a satisfying and delicious dinner.

40 Mins  | 725 Calories  | Easy

In Your Jolly Table Box:

‣ Chicken Wings ‣ Onions ‣ Garlic Cloves ‣ Six Bean Mix ‣ Corn ‣ Spring Onions ‣ Dry thyme ‣ Cream ‣ Chicken Stock ‣ House Made Chicken Seasoning

From Your Pantry:

Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil