Seared Turkey Breast and Root Vegetables GF

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In this nourishing meal, we are revelling some of the season’s most elegant flavour. Earthy sweet fall vegetables, crisped up in the oven with fresh rosemary making a perfect healthy side dish with the truly special Dijon mustard rich turkey coated sauce. This wonderful meal sure makes a great tasty dinner. 

40 Mins  | 540 Calories  | Easy

‣ Turkey Breast‣ Assorted Peppers ‣ Tomato ‣ Parmesan Cheese ‣ Red Chili Flakes ‣ Italian Seasoning ‣ Crème Fraiche ‣ Moutarde a L'ancienne ‣ Dijon Mustard ‣ Parsley ‣ Lemon

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Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil