Roasted Tomato Salmon Peppers GF

Product Description


This is a classic dish but with a modern twist. A quick salmon dish perfect for a weeknight dinner. The salmon is covered with slices of tomatoes topped with parmesan crusted directly on the fish. Serve with a side of roasted assorted peppers and the creamy sauce pairs perfectly. Gluten Free.

20 Mins  | 450 Calories  | Easy

‣ Salmon ‣ Assorted Peppers ‣ Tomato ‣ Parmesan Cheese ‣ Red Chili Flakes ‣ Italian Seasoning ‣ Crème Fraiche ‣ Moutarde a L'ancienne ‣ Dijon Mustard ‣ Parsley ‣ Lemon

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