Penne with Spinach Pecans and Berries

Product Description


This pasta dish cooks up fast and it is healthy. High in Manganese and very high in vitamin A. The flavours in this dish go perfectly together – Dried cranberries, pecans, fresh raspberries, and fresh spinach. Mixed with the penne pasta and garnish with parmesan cheese. Try to get a bit of everything in Each Mouthful.

20 Mins  | 707 Calories  | Medium

In Your Jolly Table Box:

Penne Pasta ‣ Dried cranberries ‣ Red onion ‣ Garlic ‣ Fresh Spinach ‣ Pecan ‣ Fresh Raspberries ‣ Parmesan ‣ Sesame oil ‣ Butter

From Your Pantry:

Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil