Honey Lemon Chia Chicken Salad GF

Product Description


This one has the fresh crisp flavours of summer all in one quick easy delicious pasta dish , flavour profiles built on fresh local vegetables accompanied with refreshing  citrus of lemon. Garnished salty with Chia or Sunflower seeds.

30 Mins  | 535 Calories  | Easy

In Your Jolly Table Box:

Chicken Thighs ‣ Salad Mix ‣ Avocado ‣ Red Peppers ‣ Strawberries ‣ Red Quinoa ‣ Red Onion ‣ Salted Sun Flower or Chia Seeds (replacements) ‣ Feta ‣ Honey Lemon Chia Dressing

From Your Pantry:

Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil