Creamed Chicken Mamaliga

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Ciulama de Pui is boasted as the best meal in the world by Romanians. It is quite the deviation from our typically recipes as it requires some time (1hr 30min in the oven) but we think for the brave at heart, it is definitely worth the wait. Similarly, the Mamaliga (pronounced mama-league-ah) is equivalent to Italian polenta. Mamaliga is the single most important staple food to Romanians. Known for its versatility, it is used in breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes. We have used it as an authentic finish to an equally staple Romanian meal - creamed Chicken. Enjoy!

120 Mins  | 928 Calories  | Easy

Chicken ‣ Onion ‣ Garlic ‣ Celery ‣ Carrots ‣ Mushroom ‣ Flour ‣ Cream ‣ Smoked Paprika ‣ Parsley ‣ Cornmeal ‣ Butter ‣ Cheese

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Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil