Classic Steak Au Poivre GF

Product Description


Steak au poivre is a French dish that consist of a steak. In this dish, the steak is coated with black peppercorn. The peppercorn forms a crust on the steak when cooked giving it the complementary rich flavor. Pairs beautifully well with the au poivre sauce and the rosemary infused sweet potato roast.

40 Mins  | 540 Calories  | Easy

‣ Steak ‣ Sweet Potatoes ‣ Apple Cider ‣ Crème Fraiche ‣ Green Peppercorn ‣ Black Peppercorn ‣ Demi Glaze ‣ Rosemary Sprig ‣ Shallot ‣ Butter

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Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil