Brandy Peppercorn Steak Rolls GF

Product Description


Juicy, tender, steak rolls filled with Italian seasoned vegetables and drizzled with an out of this world delicious homemade brandy peppercorn sauce. Finished off with a garlic roasted tri-colour potato side. Truly, a great choice for a romantic dinner experience.

40 Mins  | 725 Calories  | Easy

Steak Slices ‣ Steak Seasoning ‣ Carrots ‣ Zucchini ‣ Bell Pepper ‣ Green Onions ‣ Garlic Clove (for Veggies) ‣ Italian Season (for Veggies) ‣ Brandy Peppercorn Steak Sauce ‣ Tri-Coloured Potatoes ‣ Minced garlic (for Potatoes)

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Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil