Basa Rolls with Japanese Yams GF and Carrot Frites

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In this easy and delicious and healthy stuffed Basa recipe, the Basa is wrapped around a filling of tomato sauce, olive, parmesan and parsley. The stuffing makes the fillet fantastically rich in flavour and taste. Paired alongside with Japanese yams and carrots a perfect side dish. Gluten Free.

40 Mins  | 540 Calories  | Easy

Basa Fillet ‣ Tomato Sauce ‣ Olives ‣ Parmesan ‣ Parsley ‣ Carrots ‣ Japanese Yams ‣ Dried Basil ‣ Fry Dip (Ketchup, Mayo & Mustard)

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Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil