Exceptional Products

Fresh Ingredients Made to Order  Always Fresh
We’re committed to providing you with fresh, natural meats, seafood, and produce that are 
free of antibiotics and growth hormones.
  We care about our planet and want to support eco-friendly and sustainable farming.
You choose the recipe and our meal delivery service sends you all of the fresh ingredients you need to your doorstep the next day.
Every morning,
 bright and early, we shop at the best local food suppliers to find the freshest meats and fish to pack in your recipe bag. The ingredients in your recipe bags always come from that day’s trip to the supplier, so they couldn’t be fresher.
We pack your recipe bags with products of exceptional quality, as we partner with the same food suppliers that work with 
Calgary’s finest restaurants.
 In fact, you can find the same meat and fish on your plate at restaurants such as Notable.