When we started The Jolly Table in 2015 we had hoped to build out a commercial facility for processing our meal kits. We immediately secured a leased location with plans to build our dream facility. Unfortunately, the dream was cut short as it became clear that we needed about $300,000 to build a facility that would be approved by the Alberta Health for our business. This cost was more than 65% of our budget. We soon gave up on the space but stayed with our passion to introduce our service to Albertans.

For almost two years since then, we have been bootstrapping and working with other food businesses to prepare our meals from a licensed commercial kitchen. While this solved our pressing startup problems, it also opened up other problems like like inadequate time allocations, limited storage space and as we grew, extremely insufficient production capability. With these growing pains, we set out to search for a new facility that would meet our unique business needs. In essence, we needed an ample commercial space that we could outfit to include walk-in freezers, coolers, industrial storage racks, drive-up docks NSF stainless steal equipment and an on-site office location, etc. This is where it gets exciting…we actually found one! We believe in this dream and when the ideal location came up - already equipped with all the brand new equipment we needed, we grabbed it. The space is in the NE industrial district of McKnight and ticked a lot of boxes for us, including being centrally located, accessible, as well as having ample parking space and a loading dock. No more lugging supplies up and down stairs. 

Why Crowdfund?

The equipment in our dream facility was all installed in 2016 and is worth $250,000. We have so far covered the majority of our needs via personal investments and projected revenue amortizations. We are now aiming to raise $25,000 to complete the purchase of the existing equipment, inject cash for a lease deposit and to also get the location ready for our business. A successful funding campaign will give us the boost we need to keep moving forward and to keep us on track for moving our operations into a suitable facility by April 2017.

What Will You Get?

    Our business brings us great enjoyment and we want to share it with you. We have created a number of sweet rewards below that we would like to give to you in exchange for backing our dreams. From discounted meals, to a private dinner party from one of our guest chefs and Masterchef contestant, or an invitation to our grand opening party, we are thankful.


    How You Can Help Fund Our Dream Kitchen

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